Corporate events

As part of an event at the University of Sherbrooke, we installed six tents of a hundred feet wide, totaling more than 100 000 square feet of tent.

A rental of marquees 100′ x 100′.  A prestigious assembly of tents and marquees serving as kitchen access, artists’ boxes, toilet vestibules and cloakrooms. Guests were treated to a royal treat at this fabulous reception. Click on the picture to see the album of this event under the marquees!

As part of the CAE event, a 100 x 200 tent as well as a 60 x 150 tent with an assembly of small tents for the passage between each of them.

For the Chaussure Brown event, we installed an 82 x 82 structure tent.

As part of the CAMA event, we installed three hexagonal tents (photo 2) as well as several 40-foot pole tents.